Danielle Monet Morse

Danielle is once again pioneering the function of an artist with the creation of a fresh approach to the Artist In Residency program (PAIR). The program is a call to action for patrons of art to request Danielle's residency in their home. She can paint anywhere, i.e garage, tennis court, park, boat, back yard etc. The subject of an “en plein air”, which is the process of identifying a theme inspired by the artists immediate surroundings combined with Danielle's abstract painting style. This is a far more intimate way of creating work, and drawing inspiration from personal interactions with collectors.

Danielle will gift the patron one painting of their choosing for their personal collection in return for hosting her. Each residency will last from 7 - 30 days in total. Danielle will have shows around the world hosted at the Soho House to celebrate the ending of her PAIR project in 2018. Invited guests will watch a documentary film made from the experience of traveling and painting. After each screening of the film there will be a reception to celebrate and purchase the works.